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Shoot The Puck!

The Stanley Cup.  Turn on Images, Fool!

Shoot The Puck is a Site comprised Hockey Photos taken by Myself.
Ice Hockey is the greatest sport on the planet, and within the confines of this site, you should see why.
Also, that Cup up above should give you enough reason.....


(Hey, Its why you visited this site, right?)

Today, we have Two teams for you to pick from.....
The Washington Capitals
The Philadelphia Flyers
Flyers vs Caps games

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DISCLAIMER: All Photos enclosed on this website are @ 1998-2000 by David Manning
Please don't steal my work.
If you wish to repost any of these Photos, please email Me.

This Site Best Viewed with your eyes. Why should you have to spend a gazillion dollars just to see this?! We dont need no stinkin Java......